This filter allows you to modify ACF compatibility settings which are used throughout the plugin.

Each compatibility can be modified by it’s own filter ("acf/compatibility/{$name}") and are listed below. Each compatibility by default is set to false and can be changed to true by using the WP function __return_true.


  • Added in v5.1.7
  • Changed default from true to false in v5.2.7


Name Added Description
field_wrapper_class 5.2.7 Field class names have changed slightly in v5.2.7 from field_type-{$type} to acf-field-{$type}. This change was introduced to better optimize JS performance.  The previous class names can be added for compatibility with existing CSS / JS by returning true for this compatibility.



add_filter('acf/compatibility/field_wrapper_class', '__return_true');

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