Early Access - Version 5

Welcome to the Early Access guide for Advanced Custom Fields version 5. This guide will walk you through the release plan for ACF5, how to download this new free version, and how you can help report any issues.

On this page: Introduction - Features - Release Plan - Downloads - Bug Reports - FAQ


Advanced Custom Fields version 5 is ready to be released as a free update to the WP community!
Before we do, we want to make sure the migration process (from 4 to 5) is seamless and any compatibility issues are fixed. This is where you come in!

On this page, you will find everything you need to download and test the latest versions of ACF & ACF add-ons. Please also take a moment to read our Upgrade Guide - Version 5 guide for more info, developer notes and faq's.

What to test

This page contains the latest plugin files for ACF (version 5) and ACF add-ons (version 2). You will be pleased to hear we have updated our add-ons with compatibility for ACF version 5! To make sure everything is working as expected, please test ACF and add-ons in as many scenarios as possible:

  • Test Installing ACF version 5 on a new WP install
  • Test Updating to ACF version 5 on an existing WP install
  • Test ACF add-ons with both ACF versions 4 and 5

What to expect

You should expect ACF version 5 to work just the same as version 4. All template code, fields, settings, actions and filters should function the same.

You should expect ACF add-ons to work with both ACF versions 4 and 5.

You should expect that no code breaks after updating to ACF version 5. If any does, please contact us with as much information as possible and we will make sure the issue is fixed.


If you have not yet used ACF PRO, here is a quick look at some of the features in version 5!

Link Field

The Link field provides a simple way to select or define a link (url, title, target).

Group Field

The Group field provides a simple way to create a group of fields.

oEmbed Field

The oEmbed field allows an easy way to embed videos, images, tweets, audio, and other content.

Clone Field Pro

The clone field allows you to select and display existing fields.


More fields use AJAX powered search to speed up page loading

Local JSON

New auto export to JSON feature improves speed and allows for syncronisation. Learn more

Easy Import / Export

Both import and export can easily be done through a new tools page

New Form Locations

Fields can now be mapped to menus, menu items, comments, widgets and all user forms!

More Customization

New PHP (and JS) actions and filters have been added to allow for more customization

Fresh UI

The entire plugin has had a design refresh including new field types, settings and design!

New Settings

Field group settings have been added for label placement and instruction placement

Better Front End Forms

acf_form() can now create a new post on submission with lots of new settings

Better Validation

Form validation is now done via PHP + AJAX in favour of only JS

Moving Fields

New field group functionality allows you to move a field between groups & parents

Release Plan

We are planning a slow paced release for ACF version 5. This will allow both developers and users lots of time to update, test and start using our most powerful version yet!

1. Testing - now

This is where we begin, with this page. Please help test ACF version 5 (and Add-ons) by downloading them from this page. Our aim is to find issues and make improvements. Please be sure to report any bugs you encounter or improvements you think are needed.

2. Update Add-ons - soon

Once we are satisfied that the ACF Add-ons (version 2) are working well (with both ACF versions 4 and 5), we will release them as plugins updates. This will allow existing websites to update their Add-ons in preparation for ACF version 5 later this year.

3. Update ACF - Late 2017

Towards the end of the year (date yet to be announced), we will upload version 5 to the ACF wordpress.org plugin repository. We are excited to share version 5 with the WordPress community and want to provide a decent amount of time for us to receive feedback, fix bugs, improve documentation and provide developers time to manually update and start using ACF version 5.


Download the ACF version 5 plugin here. Please login to download available Add-ons.

Advanced Custom Fields

Version 5.6.1


Bug Reports

Do you have a question? Or have you found a bug? We wan't to know about it.
You can continue ticket conversations via email or via your account.


Have questions? We have answers.

How do I install?

Please download the .zip files available on this page and extract them to the 'wp-content/plugins' folder of your WP installation. Next, login to your WP dashboard and activate via the plugins page.

What if ACF is already installed?

If you already have ACF version 4 installed, please follow the same instructions to update to version 5 (the only difference is you will be overriding existing plugin folders).

What happens after I install?

After updating to ACF version 5, you will be prompted to upgrade the Database. Once complete, you will be ready to use the new features! learn more

How will bug fixes be released?

All plugins available on this page will receive update via the WP dashboard just like a normal plugin!

Should I backup?

It is always a good idea to backup your website before updating a plugin to a new major version, however, this is not required. ACF version 5 does not delete or modify any existing data during the 'DB Upgrade' - only new data is created.

Is it ready for production?

Yes and no. Whilst ACF PRO (ACF version 5 + PRO features) is currently installed on hundreds of thousands of websites across the world, this new free version is yet to be thoroughly tested. Be sure to install and test on dev sites first before using in production.