Could not connect to update server


If you are seeing an error preventing license activate or plugin updates, please read the following guide to quickly diagnose and solve the problem.

A “Could not connect to update server” error will appear when it is not possible for your website to connect to the ACF server. If you see this error, you will not be able to activate your license or download updates until the issue is fixed.


To fix this issue, please perform the following diagnostic steps and contact our support team with your findings.

Find outgoing IP address

Most commonly, your server’s IP has been blocked by ACF (hosted on Site5). To have it unblocked, please find your website’s outgoing IP address. You can do this by contacting your web host and asking them or using the following method to quickly find your outgoing IP address.

Create 2 files on your website called get-ip.php and return-ip.php with the following code:



echo file_get_contents("");




Once both files have been created, open your browser and view the file ‘’. This will display your server’s outgoing IP.

Test basic connection

Other causes of this issue may be due to settings in your server’s firewall or PHP settings.

Contact your web host and notify them that your website is unable to connect to the ACF server preventing plugin updates. Ask them to test a connection to the following URL and review the response. This will show any problems with PHP settings or internal firewalls.