The Repeater Field


The Repeater field acts as a table of data where you can define the columns (sub fields) and add infinite rows.

Any type of field can be added as a sub field which gives you the potential to create very flexible templates.

Template Code

The Advanced Custom Fields API makes it very easy to interact with the repeater field data! Read the Repeater field documentation for code examples ยป


multi-site: You may use your activation code on multiple websites.


Upon purchase of this Add-on you will receive a recipt from PayPal, a receipt from ACF and a user account allowing access to your online receipts. The recipt from ACF contains both an activation code and a download link for the purchased Add-on.

Depending on the version of ACF installed, you will find 2 methods of installing the Add-on. Both methods assume that the Advanced Custom Fields plugin is already installed and you are familiar with the user interface.

Version 4 and above

  1. Use the download link from your ACF receipt to download the Add-on plugin.
  2. Log into the wp-admin area and navigate to the ‘Plugins -> Add New’ page
  3. Click on the ‘upload’ tab and use the form to select and upload the Add-on .zip file

Version and below

  1. Log into the wp-admin area and navigate to the ‘Custom Fields -> Settings’ page
  2. Enter the activation code into the relevant field and click the ‘activate’ button

Useful documentation

Repeater Field

This premium Add-ons has a multi-site license!

You may use this add-on in multiple any website projects

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