3 Oct

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ACF Blocks and WordPress Blocks v3

WordPress 6.3 introduced a significant change in Blocks API v3, with the post editor now using iframes to contain each block if all registered blocks use the Block API version 3 or higher and there are no classic meta boxes below the block editor. This has led to questions about whether or not ACF Blocks […]

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3 Oct

ACF Chat Fridays: Improvements Coming to ACF Blocks in ACF 6.3

ACF Chat Fridays is our open office hours with the ACF team and users, answering questions and digging into the best way to build WordPress sites with ACF. Read on for highlights from the latest session. Continue Reading

19 Sep

ACF Chat Fridays: New Releases, Final Survey Results, and User Feedback

Questions about ACF? Want to know what’s coming next, or how to build the best sites you can? Then make sure you attend ACF Chat Fridays, our open office hours with the ACF team and users. Keep reading for a recap of the latest session. Continue Reading

7 Sep

ACF 6.2.1

Advanced Custom Fields version 6.2.1 is now available. Continue Reading

6 Sep

ACF Chat Fridays: What’s Next for ACF Blocks?

ACF Chat Fridays offer an incredible opportunity to meet with other users and the ACF development team. Each session answers your questions about the best way to build WordPress sites with ACF, and provides insight into new features coming ... Continue Reading

21 Aug

ACF Chat Fridays: Automatically Translating ACF Fields With ACFML

ACF Chat Fridays are live discussions with the ACF team and community on the best ways to build sites with ACF, with insight into new features coming to the plugin. Continue Reading

14 Aug

Translating ACF Blocks With ACFML for a Multilingual WordPress Site

In today’s connected world, your website serves as your international passport. It enables you to reach and engage with a diverse, global audience. But to effectively connect with your global consumers, you need more than just a website. ... Continue Reading

9 Aug

ACF 6.2 Release – Options Pages UI, Bidirectional Relationships and More

Advanced Custom Fields version 6.2 is now available! 🚀🎉 ACF 6.2 introduces the ability to create options pages right from the plugin admin UI in ACF PRO, as well as bring bidirectional relationship functionality natively to the plugin... Continue Reading

7 Aug

ACF Chat Fridays: ACF 6.2 Supports Multiple JSON Paths, What’s Coming in ACF 6.3

Every session of ACF Chat Fridays gives you the latest news and updates on ACF, interaction with other users, and a direct pipeline to ask the development team your questions about building WordPress sites with ACF. Continue Reading

3 Aug

ACF 6.1.8

Advanced Custom Fields version 6.1.8 is now available. This is a security fix release, solving a stored XSS vulnerability with labels on ACF Post Types and Taxonomies in admin screens. Continue Reading