The Flexible Content Field

The Flexible content field acts as a blank canvas to which you can add an unlimited number of layouts with full control over the order.

Build up your page with layouts

Similar to the repeater field, this field contains sub fields. However, instead of 1 set of sub fields, the flexible content field allows you to create an infinite set of sub field groups (called layouts). With these layouts predefined, you can then add them into your field when ever you want and where ever you want.

Template Usage

Using the field within you template is easy! Within a loop you can query the current row layout. Then it’s just a simple case of constructing the relevant html by using the get_sub_field() and the_sub_field() functions. The flexible content field introduces 2 new functions:

Read the Flexible Content Field documentation for code examples »


  • ACF version 3.1.0 or above


multi-site: You may use your activation code on multiple websites.


  1. Download and install the Advanced Custom Fields plugin
  2. Purchase an activation code (Add to Cart button above)
  3. Enter your activation code in the Custom Fields -> Settings page (in your WP install).

Examples of use

  • Create unique page content
  • Build a custom email template system

Technically, you could set up a flexible content field with every layout that appears on your website (basic paragraph, contact form, file link, images, etc) and add it to a field group that appears on all pages. Then when creating a page,  you wouldn’t need to specify a page template, but just add the relevant content blocks (layouts) onto the page. Then the whole website would run off page.php!!



The Flexible Content Field can be installed by purchasing a license for ACF PRO. On payment, you will receive a receipt from ACF and a user account allowing access to your downloads. Once ACF PRO is installed, enter your license key to enable plugin updates.


The Flexible Content Field is no longer available as a separate plugin.


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