11 Oct

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ACF PRO 5.4.7 Update

This update improves compatibility, fixes bugs and adds new functions!

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29 Sep

ACF PRO 5.4.6 Update

This version includes a variety of improvements and bug fixes Continue Reading

13 Sep

ACF PRO 5.4.5 Update

Minor improvements and bug fixes Continue Reading

31 Aug

ACF PRO 5.4.3 Update

This version fixes some minor bugs found when updating to WP 4.6 Continue Reading

16 Aug

ACF PRO 5.4.2 Update

This minor version fixes a bug preventing some acf_form data from being saved Continue Reading

11 Aug

ACF PRO 5.4.1 Update

This version squashes a few pesky bugs that crawled into 5.4.0! Continue Reading

9 Aug

ACF PRO 5.4.0 Update

This exciting new version adds the Clone field, more settings for existing fields, faster performance and fixes a few bugs too! Continue Reading

4 Aug

ACF PRO Update Bug

I've just tracked down and fixed a mischievous bug that may delay the ACF PRO plugin from updating! Continue Reading

18 Jul

Google Maps API settings

Google have introduced new changes to their API requests and you may need to register an API key Continue Reading

16 Jun

ACF PRO 5.3.9 Update

This version adds 2 new fields (Time picker and DateTime picker!), improves WPML compatibility during AJAX calls and fixes a few bugs too! Continue Reading