24 Aug

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ACF PRO 6.0 RC 1

ACF PRO 6.0.0 RC 1 is now available for download 🎉! This release includes the repeater pagination feature and new generation of ACF Blocks from Beta 1, as well as introducing the new plugin UI refresh.

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4 Aug

ACF PRO 6.0 Beta 1

We’re excited to announce the first beta release of ACF PRO 6.0. ACF PRO v6.0.0-beta1 is now available with improved performance for Repeater fields with large datasets, and a new generation of ACF Blocks. 🎉🥳 Continue Reading

14 Jul

The Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Custom Fields

You may already be familiar with Advanced Custom Fields, a popular plugin we develop that makes adding custom fields to your WordPress site as easy as clicking a few buttons. But did you know that WordPress has its own version of custom fie... Continue Reading

23 Jun

A Super Simple Method for Creating Your Own WordPress Custom Post Types Without a Plugin

WordPress has many strengths, but out of the box it’s somewhat limited in the type of content you can store and how it displays. Enter custom post types (CPTs). In this article, I’ll show you the hard way to create CPTs, look at why plu... Continue Reading

3 May

How to Build a Business Listing Using ACF Blocks and the Query Loop Block in a Block Theme

Full Site Editing in WordPress is here, and it’s going to change the way you build themes. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how block themes work, how to use ACF Blocks in a block theme, and provide some real world examples. By the t... Continue Reading

12 Apr

Building Customized WordPress Gutenberg Blocks With the ACF PRO Plugin

This is the first in a new series of case studies dedicated to showing how developers have overcome challenges by using Advanced Custom Fields PRO. Do you have a story to share? Let us know via email to postmeta@advancedcustomfields.com. Sa... Continue Reading

23 Feb

ACF 5.12 Release – ACF Blocks Compatibility with Full Site Editing and More

Advanced Custom Fields version 5.12 is now available! 🚀🎉 This release brings ACF Blocks compatibility with all of the full site editing goodness that arrived in WordPress 5.9, as well as compatibility with features that arrived in Wor... Continue Reading

16 Feb

ACF PRO 5.12 RC1

Building upon our two beta releases, we’re excited to announce that ACF PRO 5.12 RC1 is now available. 🥳 🎉 To access this release, please login to your account, navigate to the “Licenses” page and select version “5.12-RC1” f... Continue Reading

14 Feb

ACF PRO 5.12 Beta 2

We’ve released a second beta of ACF PRO 5.12 with the following fixes and changes from Beta 1 To access this release, please login to your account, navigate to the “Licenses” page and select version “5.12-beta2” from the available... Continue Reading

27 Jan

ACF PRO 5.12 Beta 1

To coincide with this week’s WordPress 5.9 release, ACF PRO v5.12-beta1 is now available with support for WordPress 5.9’s Full Site Editor and Block Themes. 🎉🥳 Continue Reading