19 Feb

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Querying relationship fields

This tutorial will cover the techniques to query relationship fields in both directions. The example used will be “Doctors” and “Locations”. Screenshots To save time, this tutorial will not cover the setup process for the 2 post types and their custom fields. However, the screenshots bellow show the data we will be working with. archive-doctor.php […]

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19 Feb

Working with Nested Repeaters

Creating and displaying nested repeater / flexible content fields is very easy using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. This article will demonstrate how to build a simple to-do list that uses a nested repeater to output groups of items. Fi... Continue Reading

19 Feb

Custom location rules

Each field group contains a set of location rules. These rules are used to decide where to show the field group throughout the WP admin. It is possible to create your own location rules, or even modify existing rules using the following fil... Continue Reading

19 Feb

Creating a new field type

The Advanced Custom Fields plugin is packed with loads of useful field types such as text, image and WYSIWYG. However, when working on a project, it may be necessary to create a new type of field to save & load unique data. This guide w... Continue Reading

19 Feb

Customize the WYSIWYG toolbars

Description The WYSIWYG field contains an option to define the toolbar (buttons) which are rendered onto the tinyMCE object. By default, you can select ‘Full’ or ‘Basic’, however, it is possible to extend these toolb... Continue Reading

14 Feb

Adding custom javascript to fields

This article will cover how to add custom JS to interact with and modify ACF fields and settings. Similar to the many WordPress actions and filters available in PHP, ACF adopts a similar model for it’s Javascript. Getting Started Ther... Continue Reading