28 Nov

ACF 6.2.4

By Liam Gladdy

Advanced Custom Fields version 6.2.4 is now available.

This release includes a number of bug fixes and improvements, along with fixes for license activation when using ACF as a must-use plugin.

As a result of this bug fix release, the previously announced changes to requiring an active license to use ACF PRO features have been delayed until a future version.

👨‍💻 Please find the release notes below. For the latest ACF news, follow us on Twitter @wp_acf.

Must-Use Plugin Installs

After the release of ACF 6.2.3, we received reports from users that ACF was not activated despite having a license key defined in code, and the updates page was not visible. This is an issue for users who use the Bedrock framework or other methods of loading ACF as a must-use plugin.

ACF 6.2.4 fixes two issues for this type of installation. Firstly, the updates page is now visible by default for these types of installation. Secondly, if you define your license key in code, ACF will now correctly activate your license for the site.


  • Fix – Custom Post Types labels now match the WordPress 6.4 behavior for “Add New” labels
  • Fix – When exporting both post types and taxonomies as PHP, taxonomies will now appear before post types, matching the order ACF registers them. This resolves issues where taxonomy slugs will not work in post type permalinks
  • Fix – Advanced Settings for Taxonomies, Post Types or Options Pages now display with the correct top padding when toggled on
  • Fix – When a parent option page is set to “Redirect to Child Page”, the child page will now correctly show it’s parent setting
  • Fix – When activated as a must-use plugin, the ACF PRO “Updates” page is now visible. Use the existing show_updates setting to hide
  • Fix – When activated as a must-use plugin, ACF PRO licenses defined in code will now correctly activate sites
  • Fix – When show_updates is set or filtered to false, ACF PRO will now automatically still activate defined licenses
  • i18n – Maintenance and internal upstream messages from the ACF PRO activation server are now translatable

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