1 Oct

ACF PRO 5.3.1 update

This update brings many improvements to many parts of the plugin! You will see new UI elements and new field settings, however, most of this update is improving the behind the scenes magic of ACF!


  • Flexible Content field: added toggle icons to show layout open/close state
  • Gallery field: Fixed bug where images could not save a blank title value
  • Taxonomy field: Added pagination when rendered as a Select2 element
  • Relationship field: Changed validation to better edit values when a minimum is set
  • Google map field: Fixed minor autocomplete bugs and added search icon
  • Message field: Added new_lines setting
  • Core: Added ‘*’ to required fields when editing a field group
  • Core: Prevented updates to .json file when syncing
  • Core: Fields now render as div (instead of table) when labels are left aligned
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements
  • Language: Updated .po headers – thanks to Ralf Koller


  • Changed Select2 separator from ‘,’ to ‘||’ to better allow a comma within a select field choice
  • Added mobile CSS compatibility for status column when viewing field group list
  • Improved attachment validation logic to avoid cached html appearing on the ‘Set Featured Image’ popup
  • Improved much of the JS by making use of the acf.model scafolding
  • Added CSS to style div instead of using a table for left aligned fields. Field group settings are still rendered as a table to allow for custom HTML and backwards compatibility