3 May

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How to Build a Business Listing Using ACF Blocks and the Query Loop Block in a Block Theme

Full Site Editing in WordPress is here, and it’s going to change the way you build themes. In this tutorial, Iā€™ll show you how block themes work, how to use ACF Blocks in a block theme, and provide some real world examples. By the time we get to the end, you’ll know how to give […]

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12 Apr

Building Customized WordPress Gutenberg Blocks With the ACF PRO Plugin

This is the first in a new series of case studies dedicated to showing how developers have overcome challenges by using Advanced Custom Fields PRO. Do you have a story to share? Let us know via email to postmeta@advancedcustomfields.com. Sa... Continue Reading

23 Feb

ACF 5.12 Release – ACF Blocks Compatibility with Full Site Editing and More

Advanced Custom Fields version 5.12 is now available! šŸš€šŸŽ‰ This release brings ACF Blocks compatibility with all of the full site editing goodness that arrived in WordPress 5.9, as well as compatibility with features that arrived in Wor... Continue Reading

18 Nov

ACF 5.11.1 Release

Advanced Custom Fields version 5.11.1 is now available. This release introduces an admin notification related to the security fixes introduced in ACF 5.11. Continue Reading

10 Nov

ACF 5.11 Release ā€“ REST API

Our next major release of Advanced Custom Fields is now widely available. ACF Version 5.11 includes some exciting developer-focused improvements. Continue Reading

25 Aug

ACF 5.10 Release ā€“ HTML Escaping, Blocks API v2, Block Preloading, and More!

It is our pleasure to announce that Advanced Custom Fields version 5.10 is now available. Continue Reading

17 Aug

ACF 5.9.0 Release ā€“ Inner Blocks, UI Improvements and Exciting Features

Advanced Custom Fields version 5.9.0 is now available! šŸš€šŸŽ‰ This release celebrates new features and improvements across the entire plugin to help developers and content creators build anything with WordPress. With so much to cover, I&#... Continue Reading

22 May

ACF 5.9 – Exciting new features

The next big release for Advanced Custom Fields is just around the corner, and we are excited to announce the first beta version is now available for download! Version 5.9 is a celebration of new features across the entire plugin to help bo... Continue Reading

30 May

Building a Custom Slider Block in 30 minutes with ACF

We recently released a new and exciting feature in ACF PRO to help PHP developers take full advantage of the new Block based editor, aka Gutenberg. It’s called ACF Blocks and it makes light work of block type development. To demonstra... Continue Reading

8 May

ACF 5.8.0 Release – PHP Blocks for Gutenberg

Advanced Custom Fields version 5.8.0 is now available for download. This new release includes a powerful PHP-based framework for developing custom block types! Ā šŸ“¦ā¤ļø Code named “ACF Blocks”, and packaged in our profession... Continue Reading