18 May

ACF PRO 5.7.0 Beta4

Work on version 5.7 is coming along nicely with many bug fixes and improvements available in this new beta!
Thanks to everyone who is helping test 👍

ACF PRO 5.7.0 Beta4 is available for testing. This includes all the new awesome features shown in the ACF PRO 5.7.0 – New Architecture for New Features announcement.

To test ACF PRO 5.7.0-beta4, please login to your store account and click the See all versions link alongside your license. Download, extract and replace ‘advanced-custom-fields-pro’ plugin folder contents.

Think you’ve found a bug? Please post in detail a new support ticket.


  • Changed field error message style
  • Added “Uploaded to this post” text within media popup filter dropdown choices
  • Added smart compatibility for acf.add_action() parameters
  • Added more field types to existing conditions
  • Added new “unload” JS action including “unload_field”
  • Fixed bug in relationship field where selected items were not marked as disabled during search
  • Added smart “allow null toggle” to taxonomy field displaying as radio inputs
  • Moved JS hooks to acf.hooks to avoid conflicts with Gutenberg plugin
  • Fixed bug where changing the post template did not trigger AJAX to find new field groups
  • Improved select field by filtering choices when using the AJAX setting
  • Improved flexible content field validation
  • Improved repeater field validation

What’s next?

This beta version wraps up the major work for ACF PRO 5.7!

We have a few things left to improve, fix and tweak, but are happy to announce this beta version is feature complete! Our text task is to continue testing all aspects of the plugin work towards a Release Candidate version.

We will also begin work on new JavaScript documentation to share and highlight the new features in 5.7. Stay tuned for updates on our blog and twitter.