29 Jun

ACF PRO 5.9 Beta3

By Elliot Condon

ACF PRO 5.9 Beta3 is now available for download πŸŒˆβ˜€οΈ! This includes all the highly anticipated updates shown in our ACF 5.9 – Exciting new features announcement.

To access this release, please login to your store account and select this version from the available downloads shown on the Licenses page. Users who already have a beta version installed will find an automatic update available via the Plugins admin page.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Please find the release notes below. And for the latest ACF news, follow us on Twitter @wp_acf.

Updated the duplicate icon

We received some great feedback on the new duplicate-row and duplicate-layout features, and have made a few adjustments to improve the user experience. The first adjustment is to the icon’s design – previously the admin-page dashicon – to a lighter double box illustration made from pseudo-elements.

The second adjustment is to the icon’s visibility, which will now always be shown in the Flexible Content field layout title without the need to hold down the “shift” key.

Fixed validation bug

A bug was discovered in our Gutenberg validation solution that prevented “saving as draft” after a validation error prevented the publishing of a post. This bug is now fixed, allowing users to save their changes after receiving a validation error.

Fixed reusable block bug

An odd bug has existed for some time now causing HTML to jump between multiple instances of the same reusable block (when focusing on that block). We’ve implemented a neat solution to fix the issue and hope no one has been affected by this edge-case issue.

Improved JSX parsing

This release contains an improvement to our JSX parser which can now correctly handle custom CSS properties/variables. With this improvement in place, developers can use custom CSS properties within their JSX enabled block types! What’s this JSX nonsense all about? Checkout the ACF 5.9 – Exciting new featuresΒ for more details.

Unique Page Link archives

We discovered a bug in the Page Link field where multiple occurrences of the same archive url – most commonly the home_url() – were displayed in the drop-down choices. This bug has been fixed, ensuring all choices are unique.

Actions & filters

During some recent work on the ACF_Assets class, we accidentally removed two existing actions named “acf/admin_enqueue_scripts” and “acf/enqueue_scripts” 😱. These actions have been added back in, alongside some new actions named “acf/admin_head”, “acf/admin_print_scripts” and “acf/admin_print_footer_scripts” 😘.

Minor enhancements

  • Fixed bug in Link field incorrectly treating the “Cancel” button as “Submit”.
  • Fixed bug in Image field *Allowed Types* setting preventing unresponsive UI.
  • Fixed bug causing all Field Groups to be synchronized instead of only those selected.
  • Fixed bug where a sub field within a collapsed Repeater row did not grow to the full available width.
  • Fixed bugs found whilst duplicating Repeater and Flexible Content values.
  • Changed Croatian locale code from “hr_HR to “hr”.


πŸ™Œ Thanks to everyone who helped make this release possible. Think you’ve found a bug? Please post in detail a new support ticket.

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