2 Sep

ACF PRO Public Release

ACF PRO has engaged stage 2 of it's release, and is now available to the public! Be sure to checkout the new PRO page and learn more about it's powerful features!

Hi Devs

It’s been a few months since the ACF PRO developer launch and thanks to the amazing feedback I’ve received, ACF PRO is now ready for it’s public release!

Since it’s initial launch, 7 successful updates have rolled out adding new functionality and improving compatibility. The WYSIWYG field now contains visual and text tabs, images can now be cropped from within the edit popup and general logic improvements have made for a more seamless editing experience.

ACF PRO now has it’s own page here where you can purchase a license and learn more about the features.

Important docs

If you haven’t already, please take a few minutes to read over these 2 documents which cover the new features in ACF5, what ACF PRO is, and how to upgrade. In short, the process is very easy. If you have any feedback or hit any roadblocks, please contact our support team.

What’s next

The last stage to releasing ACF5 is the free version. There has been some discussion regarding the changes in ACF5 and the impact this will make on clients websites. I have no intention of releasing software that would cause harm to a clients website and will make sure to setup multiple logic steps to prevent websites from breaking.

Stay tuned for news regarding ACF5 towards the end of the year.

Thanks Elliot