22 Nov

ACF v4.3.1 released

By Elliot Condon

A new update has just been released for the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Overall, this update fixes some minor bugs and adds some general improvements throughout the plugin. Here’s what’s new:

  • API: Fixed bug with has_sub_field and have_rows functions causing complicated nested loops to produce incorrect results
  • API: Fixed bug with get_fields function preventing values to be returned from options page and taxonomy terms
  • Core: Fixed bug causing some SQL LIKE statements to not work correctly on windows servers
  • Core: Removed __() wrappers from PHP export, as these did not work as expected
  • Core: Fixed bug with get_pages() causing sort order issue in child page location rule
  • Core: Added specific position to ACF menu item to reduce conflicts with 3rd party plugins
  • JS: Fixed bug where conditional logic rules did not save when added using a ‘+’ button above the last rule
  • Radio field: Fixed bug where ‘other’ would be selected when no value exists
  • WYSIWYG field: Added support for users with disabled visual editor setting
  • JS: Improved validation for fields that are hidden by a tab
  • Google maps field: Add refresh action when hidden / shown by a tab

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