1 Oct

ACF 5.7.7 Release

Advanced Custom Fields version 5.7.7 is now available. This is an update for both our ACF and ACF PRO plugins, and we encourage you to update your sites as soon as possible.

Please note that we release updates for ACF a few days behind ACF PRO.

This release contains fixes to our update system to avoid “false update” notifications. It also includes improvements to various parts of the plugin such as new actions and filters. You can view the full changelog is below.

*Release Date - 1 October 2018*

* Fix - Fixed various plugin update issues.
* Tweak - Added 'language' to Google Maps API url.
* Dev - Major improvements to the acf.models.Postbox model.
* Dev - Added JS filter 'check_screen_args'.
* Dev - Added JS action 'check_screen_complete'.
* Dev - Added action 'acf/options_page/submitbox_before_major_actions'.
* Dev - Added action 'acf/options_page/submitbox_major_actions'.
* i18n - Updated Portuguese language thanks to Pedro Mendonça

You can expect to start seeing more Gutenberg related items in our changelog over the coming months 👍.