18 Dec

ACF 5.7.9 Release

Advanced Custom Fields version 5.7.9 is now available. This is an update for both our ACF and ACF PRO plugins, and we encourage you to update your sites as soon as possible.

This release contains important improvements for the Gutenberg editor as well as various fixes. You may have noticed that since WordPress 5.0, metaboxes set to display in the “High” position were not visible, and metaboxes did not dynamically update (show/hide) whilst editing post attributes. Both theses issues are now fixed 👍.

You can view the full changelog is below.

*Release Date - 17 December 2018*

* Fix - Added custom metabox location (acf_after_title) compatibility with Gutenberg.
* Fix - Added dynamic metabox check compatibility with Gutenberg.
* Fix - Fixed bug causing required date picker fields to prevent form submit.
* Fix - Fixed bug preventing multi-input values from saving correctly within media modals.
* Fix - Fixed bug where acf_form() redirects to an incorrect URL for sub-sites.
* Fix - Fixed bug where breaking out of a sub have_rows() loop could produce undesired results.
* Dev - Added filter 'acf/connect_attachment_to_post' to prevent connecting attachments to posts.
* Dev - Added JS filter 'google_map_autocomplete_args' to customize Google Maps autocomplete settings.