26 Mar

ACF 5.8.9 Release

Advanced Custom Fields version 5.8.9 is now available. This is an update for both our ACF and ACF PRO plugins, and we encourage you to update your sites as soon as possible.

This release contains improved styling for ACF Block components, faster User Field AJAX performance and a handful of improvements to solve various issues reported since the last release.

*Release Date - 26 March 2020*

* Fix - Fixed bug in ACF Blocks causing default "align" property to be ignored.
* Fix - Fixed bug allowing Taxonomy field to save terms to a non "post" object.
* Tweak - Improved User field AJAX query performance.
* Tweak - Improved logic that determines width of Range field input.
* Tweak - Improved styling of ACF Blocks components.
* Dev - Added new "acf/register_block_type_args" filter.
* Dev - Added new generic ACF_Ajax_Query and ACF_Ajax_Query_Users classes.
* i18n - Updated French Canadian translation thanks to Bérenger Zyla.
* i18n - Updated Traditional Chinese translation thanks to Audi Lu.
* i18n - Updated German translation thanks to Ralf Koller.
* i18n - Updated Portuguese language thanks to Pedro Mendonça.