12 May

ACF 5.8.10 Release

Advanced Custom Fields version 5.8.10 is now available. This release contains a number of improvements for both the ACF and ACF PRO plugins, which we hope you enjoy.

👨‍💻 Please find the release notes below. And for the latest ACF news, follow us on Twitter @wp_acf.

A hotfix version 5.8.11 has since been published to fix a PHP error found shortly after release. This error affected the loading of Checkbox and Radio field values. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by the mistake. We hope you enjoy our latest version!

Fixed ACF Blocks data bug

There are various scenarios where block data may be predefined such as “Block Examples” and “Post Type Templates”. A bug was discovered that prevented ACF Blocks from inheriting the “data” attribute, which has now been fixed. These scenarios will now work as intended.

Reverted recent Taxonomy field fix

A change that was introduced in version 5.8.9 has been reverted, allowing Taxonomy fields to now connect terms to all object types (not just posts). Apologies to those who were affected by this change.

Fixed Image field bug

It was brought to our attention that the Image field was able to continue saving the value of a deleted attachment ID. This bug has been fixed, ensuring the Image field saves only the selected attachment ID.

Improved Select field format value behavior

The Select field will now cast the loaded value as either an array or string depending on its multiple setting. Previously, the value was left in the format last saved. This improvement will also be reflected in how the default_value setting is saved.

Fixed menu item styles

Fields added to menu items will now better match the admin style thanks to some much needed CSS improvements.

Translation Updates

  • Updated Finnish translation thanks to Mikko Kekki
  • Updated French translation thanks to Maxime Bernard-Jacquet.
  • Updated Turkish translation thanks to Emre Erkan.

Minor enhancements

  • Changed Time Picker field settings to display in a localized format via date_i18n().
  • Changed language fallback for “zh_HK” to “zh_TW”.
  • Simplified Relationship field filters styling and removed wrapping <span> elements.
  • Added body class “acf-browser-$browser” to help with CSS rules.


🙌 Thanks to everyone who helped make this release possible.