5 Nov

ACF PRO 5.3.2 Update

This version adds collapsible rows for the repeater field, adds new functions and fixes a few minor bugs too!


  • Repeater field: Added new setting and icon to collapse row
  • Google Maps: Improved google API loading for better theme compatibility
  • Taxonomy field: Fixed bug where ‘Add new term’ popup only showed 20 parent terms
  • Core: Added new setting ‘export_translate’ to customise which field settings should be wrapped in __()
  • Core: Improved efficiency of AJAX call when finding new field groups when editing a post
  • API: Added new functions add_row(), update_row() and delete_row()
  • Language: Updated German translation – thanks to Ralf Koller
  • Language: Updated Italian translation – thanks to Davide Pantè
  • Language: Updated Dutch translation – thanks to Derk Oosterveld
  • Language: Updated Portuguese translation – thanks to Augusto Simão


Collapsible rows


Repeater field rows can now be collapsed! Using a new setting, each row can be individually collapsed to display only the selected sub field. This feature will help to minimize the edit screen especially when many sub fields are being used for repeatable data.