15 Mar

ACF PRO 5.3.6 Update

This version adds a new exiting filter to the flexible content field, improves many features throughout and fixes a few bugs too!


  • Flexible Content field: Added new acf/fields/flexible_content/layout_title filter to customize layout title
  • Image field: Fixed bug where searching within media library would ignore restriction settings
  • File field: Same as above
  • Field group: Added post types to comment form location rules
  • Color Picker field: Added ‘color_picker_args’ JS filter to modify wpColorPicker args
  • API: Improved get_ functions to load value from the current queried object (post, user, term)
  • Core: Added new ‘acf/translate_field’ filter to translate field settings text
  • Core: Added new ‘acf/translate_field_group’ filter to translate field group settings text
  • Core: Removed ‘l10n_field’ and ‘l10n_field_group’ settings
  • Core: Fixed bug causing ‘acf/input/admin_head’ action to run twice
  • Core: Added support for new WP 4.5 term edit page
  • Core: Moved google map and wysiwyg JS initialisation later in the page load to help speed up edit screens
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements


  • Added missing ‘default_page_template_title’ filter from location rule value
  • Fixed JSON import bug causing checkbox default_value issues
  • Color picker hidden input field will now contain correct value on ‘change’ event
  • Added green color feedback after validation is complete
  • Moved WYSIWYG initialization from ‘document.ready’ to ‘document.load’
  • Moved Google Map initialization from ‘document.ready’ to ‘document.load’
  • Fields will not translate their own text based settings – choices, message, etc