13 Jan

ACF PRO 5.3.3 Update

This version adds new translation settings, better compatibility with Select2 libraries, adds new functions and improves many areas of the plugin!


  • Google Maps field: Fixed bug where pasting value did not trigger auto complete
  • Select field: Improved Select2 search matching for special characters
  • Select field: Improved asset loading to allow other Select2 libraries to load first
  • Select field: Added compatibility for both Select2 v3 and v4
  • WYSIWYG field: Added new responsive images filter to the ‘acf_the_content’ filter
  • oEmbed field: Added compatibility for custom oEmbed handlers
  • Flexible Content field: Fixed bug causing sub fields to move when duplicating layouts
  • Core: Added new translation settings ‘l10n’, ‘l10n_textdomain’, ‘l10n_field’ and ‘l10n_field_group’
  • Core: Improved Export to PHP feature which now uses the above translation settings
  • Core: Fixed PHP error preventing new field groups from loading when editing a post
  • Core: Added hierarchy to taxonomy terms shown in drop down elements
  • Core: Improved update logic to ignore plugin when included within a theme / plugin
  • API: Improved acf_form() loading efficiency when using ‘new_post’ setting
  • API: Improved add_row() function to work when no value exists
  • API: Added new function get_row_index() to use within the have_rows() loop
  • Language: Updated Polish translation – thanks to Michal Lepiarz
  • Language: Updated Persian translation – thanks to Kamel
  • Language: Updated Spanish translation – thanks to Federico Schäfer
  • Language: Updated Norwegian translation – thanks to Havard Grimelid
  • Language: Updated Swedish translation – thanks to Björn Göransson


l10n settings

This version introduces improvements to string translation for field and field group settings. Previously, each field’s label and instructions were passed through the WP __() function for basic translation. Without the ability to specify what was translated and by what textdomain, this caused various issues among international users.

To solve this issue, string translation settings have been added for customization. Now, ACF will not translation any field of field group strings unless a textdomain is set. Please find the new settings below.

l10n boolean Allows ACF to translate field and field group settings using the __() function. Defaults to true. Useful to override translation without modifying the textdomain
l10n_textdomain string Sets the text domain used when translating field and field group settings. Defaults to ”. Strings will not be translated if this setting is empty
l10n_field array An array of settings to translate when loading and exporting a field. Defaults to array('label', 'instructions')
l10n_field_group array An array of settings to translate when loading and exporting a field group. Defaults to array('title')

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