16 Jun

ACF PRO 5.3.9 Update

This version adds 2 new fields (Time picker and DateTime picker!), improves WPML compatibility during AJAX calls and fixes a few bugs too!


  • Date Time Picker field: Added new field
  • Time Picker field: Added new field
  • Taxonomy field: Fixed bug preventing saved terms from being loaded during save/update actions
  • API: Added new function the_row_index() to output the current row number (1,2,3)
  • Core: Improved import tool to update existing field groups
  • Core: Added upgrade_notice message to plugins page for future announcements
  • Core: Fixed bug where updating value did not clear persistent cache
  • Core: Added Select2 JS strings to .pot for translation
  • Core: Added Date and Time picker JS strings to .pot for translation
  • Core: Improved compatibility with WPML during AJAX calls
  • Core: Fixed bug preventing access to network database upgrade page
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements
  • Language: Updated Swedish translation – thanks to Jonathan de Jong
  • Language: Updated Russian translation – thanks to Andy Toniyevych
  • Language: Updated Portuguese translation – thanks to Pedro Mendonca
  • Language: Updated Polish translation – thanks to Michal Lepiarz
  • Language: Updated Italian translation – thanks to Davide Pantè
  • Language: Updated German translation – thanks to Ralf Koller
  • Language: Added Arabic translation – thanks to Adil el hallaoui


  • Added timepicker library http://trentrichardson.com/examples/timepicker/. If this causes any compatibility issues with other plugins or theme, please contact support
  • Added browser name to body class for specific CSS

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