17 May

ACF PRO 5.3.8 Update

This version brings new field settings to the Gallery and Radio field, fixes issues when previewing widgets in the customizer and fixes a few bugs too!


  • Gallery field: Added new ‘Insert’ setting to control where new attachments are added
  • Radio field: Added new ‘Allow Null’ setting
  • Relationship field: Added attachment mime type icons when no thumbnail is available
  • Core: Fixed bug causing customizer preview values from loading on newly added widgets
  • Core: Improved attachments location rule for future compatibility with specific mime types
  • Core: Fixed bug causing select2 to appear blank after duplicating a field setting
  • Core: Fixed bug causing PHP error on front-end plugin update check
  • Core: Updated title elements (h1, h2, h3) to match WP 4.5
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements
  • Core: Fixed bug where comment fields appeared in different locations for logged in/out users
  • Language: Updated Polish translation – thanks to Michal Lepiarz
  • Language: Updated Italian translation – thanks to Davide Pantè
  • Language: Updated Portuguese translation – thanks to Pedro Mendonca
  • Language: Updated Swiss German translation – thanks to Raphael Hüni
  • Language: Updated French Translation – thanks to Maxime Bernard-Jacquet


  • Added caching to the acf_format_value() function to help reduce excess queries when using get_field multiple times
  • Improved JS conditional logic to better work with ‘Allow Null’ settings
  • Fixed incorrect $field['name'] data returned in get_sub_field_object() function
  • Fixed jQuery migrate warning in console log
  • Fixed bug where editing an image from media popup and clicking ‘Select’ does nothing
  • Removed ‘unload’ nag from media grid edit screen
  • Added soft grey behind svg in gallery field
  • Fixed incorrect table cell width when editing a taxonomy term or user