11 Aug

ACF PRO 5.4.1 Update

This version squashes a few pesky bugs that crawled into 5.4.0!


  • API: Fixed bug causing get_fields('options') to return false
  • Core: Fixed bug causing get_current_screen() to throw PHP error
  • Core: Fixed bug causing ‘Preview Post’ to load empty field values

Help! I Can’t see the plugin update

If the ‘Custom Fields -> Updates’ page is showing a new version available, but the WP plugins page is not, please click the ‘Dashboard -> Updates -> Check again’  button. I’ve added in a fix for this ‘delay bug’ to the latest version which is great, but it’ won’t take affect until 5.4.2.


  • Introduced correct version numbers. For example, expect to see 5.1.4 instead of
  • Added missing :disabled and [readonly] CSS
  • Added ‘disabled’ and ‘readonly’ functionality to email field (code only)