9 Aug

ACF PRO 5.4.0 Update

This exciting new version adds the Clone field, more settings for existing fields, faster performance and fixes a few bugs too!

Clone field

The clone field is an exciting new feature to the ACF PRO line up. It allows you to select and display existing fields. It does not duplicate any field’s in the DB, instead, it loads and displays the selected fields at run-time. Watch this short demo video to see the clone field in action!


  • Clone field: Added new field type (https://www.advancedcustomfields.com/resources/clone/)
  • Gallery field: Removed ‘Preview Size’ setting and improved UI
  • Taxonomy field: Added compatibility to save/load terms to user object
  • Select field: Added new ‘Return Format’ setting
  • Radio field: Added new ‘Return Format’ setting
  • Checkbox field: Added new ‘Return Format’ setting
  • Page link field: Added new ‘Allow Archives URLs’ setting
  • Core: Fixed plugin update bug delaying updates
  • Core: Fixed bug when editing field settings in Chrome causing required setting to self toggle
  • Core: Improved speed and fixed bugs when creating and restoring revisions
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements
  • Language: Updated Portuguese translation – thanks to Pedro Mendonca
  • Language: Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation – thanks to Augusto Simão
  • Language: Updated Dutch translation – thanks to Derk Oosterveld
  • Language: Updated Persian translation – thanks to Kamel
  • Language: Updated German translation – thanks to Ralf Koller
  • Language: Updated Swiss German translation – thanks to Raphael Hüni


  • Added ‘acf’ to non persistent cache groups
  • Changed the logic that saves revision data. Previously, ACF would run ‘acf/save_post’ twice. Now, ACF will only run once and copy any ‘metadata’ across from the post to the revision. This should result is faster save times!
  • Fixed many bugs when restoring from revision
  • Reduced amount of cached data by removing ‘duplicates’
  • Fixed bugs in delete_row() function
  • Improved JSON data structure (during field AJAX calls) for better pagination support