7 Feb

ACF PRO 5.5.6 Update

This version improves license key validation logic, adds new filters and fixes a few bugs too!


This version contained a bug which was fixed in version 5.5.7:

  • Core: Fixed bug causing get_field() to return incorrect data for sub fields registered via PHP code.


  • Core: Fixed bug causing license key to be ignored after changing url from http to https
  • Core: Fixed Select2 (v4) bug where ‘allow null’ setting would not correctly save empty value
  • Core: Added new ‘acf/validate_field’ filter
  • Core: Added new ‘acf/validate_field_group’ filter
  • Core: Added new ‘acf/validate_post_id’ filter
  • Core: Added new ‘row_index_offset’ setting
  • Core: Fixed bug causing value loading issues for a taxonomy term in WP < 4.4
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements


  • update_row() and add_row() functions can now lookup field info via field name as well as field key
  • Unset ‘local’ setting from field group array during export
  • Added new acf_is_local_field_key() and acf_is_local_field_name() functions
  • Added type specific filters to the acf/prepare_field_for_export and acf/prepare_field_for_import filters
  • delete_row() and delete_sub_row() functions now return false if row index does not exist
  • Removed font-size CSS from .acf-table class (used mainly by the repeater field)
  • Added logic to hide field instructions for the clone field when used in seamless mode
  • Fixed bug preventing ‘local’ fields / groups loading in the clone field ‘clone’ setting