18 Jan

ACF PRO 5.5.4 Update

This version better connects attachments to posts, adds validation to basic file inputs, improves performance and fixes a few bugs too!


This version contained a bug which was fixed in version 5.5.5:

  • File field: Fixed bug creating draft post when saving an empty value
  • Image field: Fixed bug mentioned above


  • File field: Added logic to ‘connect’ selected attachment to post (only if attachment is not ‘connected’)
  • File field: Removed filesize() call causing performance issues with externally hosted attachments
  • File field: Added AJAX validation to ‘basic’ uploader
  • Image field: Added ‘connect’ logic mentioned above
  • Image field: Added AJAX validation mentioned above
  • True false field: Improved usability by allowing ‘tab’ key to focus element (use space or arrow keys to toggle)
  • Gallery field: Fixed bug causing unsaved changes in sidebar to be lost when selecting another attachment
  • API: Fixed add_row() and add_sub_row() return values (from true to new row index)
  • Core: Improved get_posts() query speeds by setting ‘update_cache’ settings to false
  • Core: Allowed ‘instruction_placement’ setting on ‘widget’ forms (previously set always to ‘below fields’)
  • Core: Removed ‘ACF PRO invalid license nag’ and will include fix for ‘protocol change’ in next release
  • Language: Updated French translation – thanks to Martial Parfait


  • Removed show_ui => true setting from ‘post_type’ location rule choices allowing more 3rd party post types to appear
  • Removed ‘font-size’ from .acf-field class and simplified styles to allow for better inheritance
  • Fixed bug in relationship field search causing JS error when searching for regex like ‘special’ characters
  • Added missing ‘rtl’ CSS to select2 dropdown ‘x’ icon