7 Nov

ACF PRO 5.6.5 Update

This version provides a new framework & UI for Admin Tools, improves security and fixes a few bugs too!

New Admin Tools

This version introduces an updated Admin Tools page for Exporting and Importing field group data which not only looks good, but also provides a framework for adding new Tools! Checkout the new Export to PHP UI 👀🔥🔥!

Better security

Another great feature in ACF PRO 5.6.5 is the updated security for front end forms. We are proud to announce that all $_POST data will be sanitized via the wp_kses_post() function in attempt to reduce any XSS attacks 👍.


  • API: Added new ‘kses’ setting to the acf_form() function
  • Core: Added new ‘Admin Tools’ framework (includes design refresh)
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements
  • Language: Update Ukrainian translation – thanks to Jurko Chervony
  • Language: Update Russian translation – thanks to Andriy Toniyevych
  • Language: Update Hebrew translation – thanks to Itamar Megged


  • Added new ACF_Admin_Tool class for rapid Admin Tool building
  • Added JS to fix ‘notice element’ DOM placement flicker on initial page load
  • Export to PHP tool now uses $_GET parameters to specify the field group keys
  • Fixed bug in Export showing NULL values
  • Fixed bug causing lost results in the Relationship field when using hierarchical posts + taxonomy query
  • Added wp_kses_post_deep() to both acf_form() and comments form

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