4 Dec

ACF PRO 5.6.7 Update

This version fixed an assortment of bugs found in 5.6.6 🐞🐞🔨

One week after the release of ACF PRO 5.6.6, we are proud to release a new version to address various bugs affecting our customers. If you have experienced any issues with conditional logic, tab fields, or other UI problems, please accept our apologies.

In building the new accordion field, we faced many new challenges which lead to rethinking some of our markup, styles and javascript. Although these changes were quite minor, they have unfortunately triggered some major issues. We have spent the last week collecting your bug reports and feedback (thank-you) and have built a much more stable version as an end result!

Please update to ACF PRO 5.6.7 when possible, and let us know if your problems have been solved (or even if you didn’t notice any issues).


  • Fixed bug causing validation logic to incorrectly run on hidden fields (conditional logic)
  • Fixed bug causing left aligned tabs to break UI outside of metabox
  • Fixed bug allowing a tab group to load without any active tab
  • Initialize tab field last to allow accordion field to manipulate DOM elements first. This now allows tab fields to work within accordions
  • Changed class name “acf_field_accordion” to “acf_field__accordion” to prevent 3rd party collision
  • Updated Swiss German translation – thanks to Raphael Hüni
  • Updated Arabic translation – thanks to Karim Ramadan