24 Aug

ACF PRO 6.0 RC 1

By Iain

ACF PRO 6.0.0 RC 1 is now available for download 🎉!

This release includes the repeater pagination feature and new generation of ACF Blocks from Beta 1, as well as introducing the new plugin UI refresh.

ACF 6.0 has been released! Read the release post.

Call for Testers

We’d love to get as many eyes on this release candidate as possible, so if you can please help us kick the tires and take it for a spin. We are also hoping that those developers who have written plugins or code to extend ACF will test their code with the new release.


ACF 6.0 uses a new system for translation that we detailed in the beta 1 release post. The short version of this is that translations are now built from translate.wordpress.org, combined with PRO strings which are submitted on GitHub

Get the Update

To access this release, PRO users can login to your account, navigate to the “Licenses” page and select version “6.0.0-rc1” from the available downloads.

For ACF Free users, the 6.0.0-rc1 release is available on the GitHub repository.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new features. If you have any questions or issues with this version then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What’s Next

We’re aiming for general release some time later next month, and we may ship an RC2 release in between.

Full Changelog

New – ACF now has a new refreshed UI with improved UX for editing field groups, including a new tabbed settings layout for fields.
New – Repeaters now have an optional “Pagination” setting which can be used to control the number of rows displayed at once.
New – ACF Blocks now have a versioning system allowing developers to opt in to new features
New – ACF Blocks now support version 2, enabling block.json support, reduced wrapper markup and significant other new features
New – ACF Blocks no longer use Block IDs saved in the block comment
Enhancement – Bulk actions for field groups now include “Activate” and “Deactivate” options
Fix – ACF will no longer perform a multisite database upgrade check on every admin load once each upgrade has been performed
Fix – ACF Block templates which render other blocks will now have their InnerBlocks rendered correctly
Fix – ACF Blocks preloading now works for blocks saved in edit mode
Fix – ACF Blocks edit forms now behave correctly if they are not visible when loaded
Fix – ACF Blocks now always fire render_block_preview events when a block preview is displayed or redisplayed
Fix – ACF Blocks with no fields now display advisory text and are selectable in the block editor. This message is filterable with the acf/blocks/no_fields_assigned_message filter, providing both the message to be displayed and the block name it’s being displayed against
Fix – Accordions inside ACF Blocks now match the current native block styling
Fix – ACF Blocks which contain no fields now preload correctly
Fix – Changes to an ACF Block’s context now trigger a re-render
Fix – A rare warning inside wp_post_revision_field will no longer be possible
Fix – The field “move” option now no longer displays for fields when only one field group exists
Fix – Language for field group activation state now standardized to “active” and “inactive”
Fix – SVGs containing foreignObject tags now correctly render in JSX rendered ACF Blocks
Fix – Server errors during ACF updates or version checks are now cached for 5 minutes rather than 24 hours
Accessibility – The new ACF UI has significantly improved accessibility for screen readers and alternative input options
i18n – All strings inside ACF are now translatable
i18n – Accented term names in taxonomy fields are no longer corrupted at output
i18n – ACF translations are now synced with contributions from translation.wordpress.org at each release, increasing ACF’s supported languages and updating many other translations. PRO strings should still be submitted as pull requests on GitHub (Additional thanks to maximebj, emreerkan and Timothée Moulin for their contributions which are included here)

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