11 Dec

ACF PRO v5.1.5 update

This update adds a new synchronization tool for local JSON files and fixes a bunch of minor bugs!

ACF PRO gets synchronized!

After much request, I am pleased to unveil the new JSON synchronization feature for ACF PRO! If a local JSON file is determined to contain more recent data, you can now import the field group(s) with a click of a button!

This feature will allow multiple devs to work on a project, use git to push / pull files, and keep all databases synchronized with the latest field group settings! JSON field groups will be available for sync when either the JSON field group does not exist in the DB, or when the JSON field group contains a higher ‘modified’ value (within the JSON array) than the DB post’s modified date.

When fields groups are detected for synchronization, you will see a new tab above the field group list where you can select the groups to be imported.



  • Taxonomy field: Fixed bug where values would not appear selected
  • Core: Added new JSON synchronisation functionality
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements