13 Jan

ACF PRO v5.1.6 update

This update adds a more refined Gallery field UI, better attachment data from get_field() and a bunch of other fixes / improvements


  • Gallery field: More UI improvements including titles for non image attachments
  • Image field: Added more data to returned attachment including filename, icon, author and type
  • File field: Same as above
  • Gallery field: Same as above
  • Google Maps field: Fixed JS error when google object exists without maps API
  • Select field: Fixed bug where a single numeric value would not save as a default_value
  • Checkbox field: Same as above
  • Radio field: Same as above
  • API: Added $format parameter to the functions the_row() and get_row()
  • Core: Fixed bug when adding ‘post_parent’ value to post_object/relationship query args
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements
  • Core: More RTL CSS improvements
  • Language: Updated Hebrew translation – thanks to Lavi Perchik
  • Language: Updated Persian translation – thanks to Kamel