17 Aug

ACF v4.2.2 released

By Elliot Condon

A great little update has just been released for the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Here’s what’s new:

  • Field group: Added ‘High (after title)’ position for a metabox – credits
  • Relationship field: Fixed bug with ‘exclude_from_search’ post types
  • Image / File field: Improved edit popup efficiency and fixed bug when ‘upload’ is last active mode – credits
  • JS: Added un compressed input.js file
  • JS: Fixed but with options page / taxonomy field – credits
  • Language: Updated Persian Translation – thanks to Ghaem Omidi


This version addresses 2 pesky bugs present in v4.2.1 which are detailed below, and some general performance optimization for the WP media popup (used by the image and file fields). You will also notice a new position option for your field groups! This new option will allow you to insert custom fields between the post title and the post content – very useful for custom page templates which feature a hero image above the content.

Credits for this position option go to @unsalkorkmaz – forum thread

Squashed Bugs

Relationship field

A change to the WP_Query args in v4.2.1 resulted in values not appearing in the right hand column of the relationship field. This would only happen to post_types featuring the ‘exclude_from_search’ option. This has now been fixed and all post_types will show as expected

Image field edit popup

The edit field popup would show an incorrect ‘upload’ UI if the user had first opened up the default ‘insert media’ popup, selected the upload tab, closed the uploader and then used the ACF field (image edit button). This has now been fixed. In Fixing this bug, I have also improved the performance of using WYSIWYG fields in the attachment fields panel!

Coming up

Work will focus on the repeater and flexible content fields to include the new remove-able updater script. This will allow theme developers to use all the ACF premium add-ons within their premium themes / plugins. Also, I will attempt to get conditional logic working for sub fields – no promises, but I will definitely try!

Thanks Elliot

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