ACF Blocks

11 Oct

ACF Blocks: Using InnerBlocks and Parent/Child Relationships

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to utilize the InnerBlocks component within an ACF Block. We’ll also demonstrate how you can leverage relationships to nest blocks while limiting their discoverability. By the end of the tuto... Continue Reading

28 Sep

ACF Blocks: Using get_block_wrapper_attributes()

The get_block_wrapper_attributes() function allows you to use the styles built by WordPress’ native supports for a block, such as background and text colors, padding, margin, etc. In the block editor, this is automatically output for ... Continue Reading

17 Aug

ACF Blocks FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Have a question about ACF Blocks that isn’t covered here? Then make sure to register for the next session of ACF Chat Fridays, or reach out on Twitter. Continue Reading

17 Aug

Create Your First ACF Block

ACF Blocks give you the power to create virtually any block you could desire, with the same features found in WordPress core blocks, such as InnerBlocks, Variations, and Styles. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a testimonial... Continue Reading

17 Aug

Key Concepts

ACF Blocks allows you to build on top of the WordPress blocks system introduced in WordPress 5.0 “Bebo”, giving you access to many of the same features available to core blocks, but with the output rendered from a PHP template. ACF Bloc... Continue Reading

17 Aug

ACF Blocks

Introduction ACF Blocks are customizable, dynamic, and integrate deeply with custom fields. A premium feature found in ACF PRO, ACF Blocks uses a powerful PHP-based framework to develop custom block types without the thorough knowledge of J... Continue Reading

20 Sep

How To Upgrade a Legacy Block to block.json With ACF 6

ACF 6.0 introduces support for WordPress’s block.json method of block registration, the recommended way of registering blocks since WordPress 5.8 and newer. You don’t have to upgrade your blocks, but you’ll need to do so if you want t... Continue Reading

20 Sep

What’s New With ACF Blocks in ACF 6

ACF 6.0 includes ACF Blocks Version 2. This next generation of ACF Blocks brings us much closer to the native block experience, while still giving you the PHP based templating language you know as a WordPress developer. In the last few rele... Continue Reading

17 Feb

Block API v2

Introduction Since WordPress 5.6, the block editor has a new version of the Block API. The ACF 5.10 release introduced support for the Block API v2. This is only available when ACF is installed on sites using WordPress 5.6 and above. Change... Continue Reading