ACF Blocks: Guides

4 Dec

ACF Blocks: How to Use Block Locking

Locking down your ACF Blocks with block locking ensures those blocks can’t be removed or modified in unauthorized ways. You can think of block locking as a safety mechanism, whether you’re using it on a client’s WordPress site or one ... Continue Reading

11 Oct

ACF Blocks: Using InnerBlocks and Parent/Child Relationships

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to utilize the InnerBlocks component within an ACF Block. We’ll also demonstrate how you can leverage relationships to nest blocks while limiting their discoverability. By the end of the tuto... Continue Reading

20 Sep

How To Upgrade a Legacy Block to block.json With ACF 6

ACF 6.0 introduces support for WordPress’s block.json method of block registration, the recommended way of registering blocks since WordPress 5.8 and newer. You don’t have to upgrade your blocks, but you’ll need to do so if you want t... Continue Reading

20 Sep

What’s New With ACF Blocks in ACF 6

ACF 6.0 includes ACF Blocks Version 2. This next generation of ACF Blocks brings us much closer to the native block experience, while still giving you the PHP based templating language you know as a WordPress developer. In the last few rele... Continue Reading