19 Feb

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Register multiple options pages

Multiple options pages can be registered by making use of the acf_add_options_page() and acf_add_options_sub_page() functions. Both functions can be used within the theme functions.php file. Once registered, each options page will appear within the field group location rules making it quite easy to assign specific field groups to specific options pages. Please note that for […]

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19 Feb

Disable Custom Fields Editing on a Live Site

Overview When delivering a website to a client, it may be beneficial to hide the ACF “Custom Fields” menu item. This prevents your client from changing or deleting fields and keeps the site running smoothly. This doc details three metho... Continue Reading

19 Feb

Create a front end form

This article will cover how to create a form on the front end of your website to add or edit content. Two functions are available to create a working form in a template file. Name Description acf_form_head() This function is placed at the t... Continue Reading