5 Jun

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How to Use the Clone Field

The Clone field helps create reusable data structure components that you can pull into other field groups using ACF PRO. It gives you a way to create smaller composable field groups, and clone them into larger, more complex groups. It’s indispensable for keeping your fields organized and reusable when you’re building complex sites. In this […]

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26 Apr

How to Use the Gallery Field

The Gallery field gives you the flexibility to display images in a wide variety of options such as carousels, sliders, and light boxes. However, the Gallery field’s greatest strength might be what it lets you offer content editors: a simp... Continue Reading

11 Apr

Move Fields Between Field Groups

Once a field is created in one field group, it can be moved to another field group. This allows you to easily reorganize your fields when required, without direct database queries or the need to import a modified JSON file. Moving Fields To... Continue Reading

24 Mar

How to Use the Repeater Field

The Repeater field is essentially a way to organize and display data, specifically “repeating” content like slides, team member bios, and events. This is true, but it doesn’t really capture all the capabilities of this amazing field. ... Continue Reading

20 Sep

How to help translate ACF into other languages

ACF 6.0 introduces a new way of collecting translations from our contributors. For all the strings contained in the free version of ACF, these are now collected from translate.wordpress.org. Many of you have submitted translations for numer... Continue Reading

17 Feb

Including ACF within a plugin or theme

Introduction The Advanced Custom Fields plugin is a powerful tool for developing bespoke websites and web-apps. Although designed primarily for individual use, it may also be used as a framework by both plugin and theme authors to power the... Continue Reading

22 Apr

Register fields via PHP

This article will discuss how to register fields and field groups via the functions.php file. There are many benefits to using PHP to register fields, the main of which is customization and distribution. The ability to define fields within ... Continue Reading

13 Mar

Debug, diagnose and solve

When customizing your theme with ACF functionality, you may experience some issues. These issues may resemble a blank page, a broken page, a value not being loaded or a visible error report. Although frustrating at first, these issues are i... Continue Reading

10 Sep

Hiding empty fields

Overview It is a common task to hide empty field values from your template. This can be achieved by using conditional statements to check the value before rending it. The basics to conditional a statement is to use an if statement. You can ... Continue Reading

20 Aug

Order posts by custom fields

This article will demonstrate how to retrieve and sort an array of post objects from the database using native WP functions. There are many ways to query posts in WP, however, this article will make use of the common get_posts function, WP_... Continue Reading