How to help translate ACF into other languages

Last updated Sep 20, 2022


ACF 6.0 introduces a new way of collecting translations from our contributors.

For all the strings contained in the free version of ACF, these are now collected from

Many of you have submitted translations for numerous languages on since that translation functionality was introduced, but until this release they were never included or loaded into ACF. We’ve imported all the contributions we’ve received directly from our users into for languages which weren’t already complete.

The existing languages we bundled in ACF have been trimmed where they are already complete and approved on to only include the pro strings, but where a language is not complete, we’ve kept all the free strings included too, to avoid losing data while we wait for approval.

If you’d like to help us translate ACF to your language, or help verify translations for your language, you can do so on WordPress’s Translation Handbook has everything you need to get started. Once complete, you can request WordPress’s translation editors review your submissions as detailed there, or you can request to become a Project Translation Editor, where you can take control over ACF’s translations for your language.

For strings specific to the PRO version of ACF, we’ve updated our .pot file generation to only include PRO strings, and you’ll find these files inside a new folder on our GitHub repository. Users can submit pull requests to update or add new files to that folder to be included in the next release.

To avoid ACF Free and ACF PRO having divergent translations, updates from will not take effect in either version until each ACF release going forward.