22 Nov

ACF PRO 5.8.0 Beta3

Work on version 5.8 is coming along nicely with many bug fixes and improvements available in this new beta!

ACF PRO 5.8.0 Beta3 is now available for download 🎉🎸🤘! This includes all the new awesome features shown in the ACF 5.8 – Introducing ACF Blocks for Gutenberg announcement.

To test ACF PRO 5.8.0-beta3, please login to your store account and click the See all versions link alongside your license. Download, extract and replace ‘advanced-custom-fields-pro’ plugin folder contents.

Think you’ve found a bug? Please post in detail a new support ticket.

What’s new for Gutenberg

  • Fixed bug preventing default align setting from working in acf_register_block().
  • Added alias function acf_register_block_type() for better naming consistency.
  • Added $post_id parameter to render_callback and render_template.
  • Fixed pesky “unload prompts” after publishing a post in Gutenberg.
  • Fixed bug showing all field groups as empty metaboxes in Gutenberg.
  • Improved validation error message compatibility with Gutenberg.
  • Added loading block when first fetching block preview.
  • Improved styling of accordions when displayed in Gutenberg sidebar (now looks like core panels).
  • Added “all” setting to the block type location rule.
  • Various CSS improvements for metaboxes and fields in Gutenberg.

Other Improvements

  • Added post_type data to the dynamic metabox screen check.
  • Added new acf/connect_attachment_to_post filter to prevent connecting attachments to posts during save.
  • Added new google_map_autocomplete_args JS filter to customize the Google Maps autocomplete settings.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in Gallery field causing excessive SQL queries for attachment metadata.
  • Fixed bug where WYSIWYG field is not correctly initialized when resetting the “add new taxonomy term” form.
  • Fixed conflict with WPML causing acf_form() to redirect incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug preventing attachments from saving checkbox values correctly.
  • Fixed bug in have_rows() affecting nested loops when breaking out early.