16 Jul

ACF PRO 5.2.8 update

This version adds media selection validation, tab field endpoints and fixes a few minor bugs too!


  • Image field: Added selection restrictions in media popup (width, height, size, type)
  • File field: Same as above
  • Gallery field: Same as above
  • Tab field: Added new ‘endpoint’ setting – allows multiple tab groups
  • Tab field: Improved CSS/JS to allow individual tab groups to use different alignments (left/top)
  • Repeater field: Added logic to delete nested sub field values (grand children)
  • Options page: Added new ‘autoload’ setting
  • Core: Added new filter ‘acf/prepare_field’
  • Core: Added upload validation logic to ignore filetype case sensitivity
  • Core: Fixed upload issue when filesize restriction contained a decimal place
  • Core: Improved validation/save JS compatibility with 3rd party plugins
  • Core: Updated Select2 library to v3.5.2
  • Core: Fixed bug hiding Select2 choices when multiple found with the same label
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements
  • Language: Updated Italian translation – thanks to Davide Pantè€ & Francesco Mazzola
  • Language: Updated German translation – thanks to Ralk Koller
  • Language: Updating Finnish translation – thanks to Sauli Rajala


Media selection validation

Existing media will now be validated in the image, file and gallery field popups! Using the field’s min, max and mime_type settings, invalid media items will be displayed in a disabled state and will also display a clear message to the user when selected.


Tab field endpoints

Another awesome feature request which has made it’s way into ACF PRO is the ability to set a tab field as an ‘endpoint’. This tells ACF to start a new tab group!

Now, a field group can contain multiple tab groups, each with their own layout style (left / top). Here’s a tip: Create a new tab field and mark it as an endpoint, remove the field’s label (leave it blank) and you have just created a tab group stopper! This tab won’t display due to it’s lack of label, but will prevent all following fields from being hidden!



  • Improved acf_json_encode to better mimic built in PHP 5.4.0 JSON_PRETTY_PRINT
  • Fixed bug where JSON radio field with ‘save_other_choice’ setting would create a new field on save
  • Improved core acf_get_field functions to better ignore DB when fields are local JSON
  • Moved ‘acf/delete_value’ action before the meta is deleted
  • Added logic to core JSON functions such as acf_get_local_field_group to prevent PHP errors when called incorrectly
  • Added ‘wp_version’ and ‘acf_version’ to the data sent (to the ACF website) when retrieving a download URL (plugin update)
  • Fixed validate_upload ignoring custom unit (kb)
  • Added new acf_validate_attachment() to handle both upload and selection validation
  • Added new filter acf/acf_validate_attachment to customize validation errors