22 Jun

ACF PRO 5.2.7 update

This version fixes a bunch of bugs whilst adding various features and improvements to the plugin! Please read about the change to the compatibility filter as this may affect your website(s)


  • Taxonomy field: Split setting ‘load_save_terms’ into ‘load_terms’ and ‘save_terms’
  • Select field: Fixed bug causing values containing ‘,’ to fail
  • Checkbox field: Fixed bug causing values containing ‘,’ to fail
  • Checkbox field: Added new ‘toggle all’ setting
  • User field: Added new filters ‘acf/fields/user/result’ and ‘acf/fields/user/search_columns’
  • Gallery field: Added logic to increase sidebar width when space is available
  • Options page: Added new ‘post_id’ setting to customise where values are loaded and saved
  • API: Improved get_field() to better handle no value
  • API: Optimised asset loading when using the acf_form() function
  • API: Added new function delete_sub_field()
  • Core: Added new acf/init action when ACF has loaded all functionality
  • Core: Added compatibility with Select2 language translations
  • Core: Changed compatibility filter default to false
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements
  • Language: Updated German translation – thanks to Thomas Meyer
  • Language: Updated French Translation – thanks to Maxime Bernard-Jacquet
  • Language: Updated Persian translation – thanks to Kamel


This version contains a change to the ACF compatibility filter which may affect your website. You will notice that field class names have changed slightly in v5.2.7 from field_type-{$type} to acf-field-{$type}.

This may prevent custom CSS / JS from working as expected. To quickly solve the issue (and add in the extra classes), please add the following to your functions.php file:


add_filter('acf/compatibility/field_wrapper_class', '__return_true');


  • Improved string sanitation (JS) when generating field name from field label
  • Fixed JS tooltip from rendering outside of browser view
  • Fixed CSS bugs for tab field when added to seamless field group
  • Fixed CSS bugs for field groups set as seamless + position high
  • Fixed bug in location logic for taxonomy rule when term has a numeric name
  • Minor change to text shown for each user choice
  • Changed JS ‘.attr’ to ‘.prop’ for checked attribute
  • Allow acf_add_validation_error() to leave $input param blank for global error
  • Fixed input width for ‘other’ radio field choice
  • Added spinner to relationship loading message
  • Fixed chrome zoom bug when loading relationship choices
  • Improved svg display for image fields across browsers
  • Fixed and improved various cache issues