11 Oct

ACF PRO 5.4.7 Update

This update improves compatibility, fixes bugs and adds new functions!


  • Time Picker field: Fixed bug preventing default time from being selected
  • Date Picker field: Improved compatibility with unix timestamp values
  • File field: Fixed validation bugs when used as a sub field (multiple selection)
  • Select field: Fixed bug incorrectly allowing a disabled field (hidden by conditional logic) to save values
  • API: Added new add_sub_row() function
  • API: Added new update_sub_row() function
  • API: Added new delete_sub_row() function
  • Core: Fixed bug causing ‘sync’ issues with sub clone fields
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements


  • Added new filters ‘acf/get_sub_field’ and ‘acf/get_sub_field/type={$type}’
  • Added new internal functions including acf_maybe_get_sub_field() and acf_get_terms()
  • Improved acf_form_date() logic to better understand unix timestamps vs 8 digit string (YYYYMMDD)
  • Fixed incorrect Google map field ‘ID’ used to store map in global JS object
  • Improved media popup sidebar attachment details JS logic to better display correct errors
  • Minor JS improvement to tinymce activeEditor to avoid JS error on term edit page