28 May

ACF PRO v5.2.6 update

This update adds compatibility with HTML5 validation messages, speeds up conditional logic performance and fixes a few minor bugs too!


  • Core: Improved validation logic to display HTML5 validation messages
  • Core: Improved conditional logic performance for large field groups
  • Core: Removed updates menu item when not activated as a plugin (included within theme)
  • Core: Fixed various JS performance issues
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements
  • Core: Added compatibility for saving widget in ‘accessibility mode’
  • Template: Fixed bug where get_field() would return a default value if field value did not exist
  • Language: Added Finnish translation – thanks to Sauli Rajala


  • Google map field: Improved JS loader to avoid potential error with 3rd party modified API
  • Taxonomy field: Added correct label show in radio/checkbox list when no terms exists
  • Taxonomy field: Fixed JS error when adding the first term to a taxonomy
  • Core: Added missing CSS for .replace-with-fields spinner
  • Core: Fixed JS performance issue in acf.serialize_form (noticeable with WPML saving post)
  • Core: Improved logic to append plugin update information
  • Core: Added new actions acf/render_field_group_settings
  • Core: Added new JS action prepare_fields and prepare_field
  • Core: Changed acf_form_head function to make form data available to developer during the acf/pre_save_post filter: $GLOBALS['acf_form']
  • Google map field: Added new JS filter google_map_marker_args
  • Google map field: Added new JS action: ‘google_map_change
  • Options page: Added logic to create default options page if acf_add_options_sub_page() is called before a parent page exists
  • Validation: Fixed Chrome HTML5 ‘validation focus’ JS error preventing post from saving
  • Network: Improved logic to hide updates on sub sites where plugin is not activated
  • Core: Fixed squished radio and checkbox inputs on android
  • Core: Improved acf_get_posts() function to better avoid conflicts with polylang
  • Gallery field: Fixed CSS bug causing wide sidebar field labels