24 Jul

ACF PRO 5.7.1 Update

This version fixes some minor bugs found in the latest version

Available for both free and PRO

This update is also available for the free version of ACF via our Early Access feature! ACF 5 is compatible with all premium add-ons and will be officially released mid/late 2018. If possible, please enable Early Access on your websites and update to ACF 5 and let us know about your update experience!


  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements


  • Fixed bug where get_field() would return the field’s default value setting instead of null for empty values
  • Fixed bug in acf.val() preventing array values for multi-select elements
  • Fixed bug in validation event preventing custom inputs being included in $_POST data
  • Fixed minor logic bug in acf.has()
  • Fixed JS error if wp object does not exist
  • Added missing hack to allow post to save without a title or content
  • Fixed bug displaying backslashes in newly added term title
  • Fixed bug in “Add new User” location rule
  • Fixed bug preventing attachment from updating if validation fails
  • Fixed bug where attachment fields do not appear on initial modal load