6 Sep

ACF PRO 5.7.5 Update

This version includes a few minor fixes and improvements

Available for both free and PRO

This update is also available for the free version of ACF via our Early Access feature! ACF 5 is compatible with all premium add-ons and will be officially released mid/late 2018. If possible, please enable Early Access on your websites and update to ACF 5 and let us know about your update experience!


  • Fix – Fixed bug causing multisite login redirect issues.
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing validation issues in older versions of Firefox.
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing duplicate Select2 instances when adding a widget via drag/drop.
  • Dev – Improved WPML compatibility by using $sitepress->get_current_language() instead of ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE.
  • Dev – Improved validation JS with new Validator model and logic.