12 Sep

ACF PRO 5.7.6 Update

This version includes a few minor fixes in preparation for the ACF5 launch

Scheduled for Launch 🚀

We are excited to announce that ACF5 (free) is scheduled for launch this coming Monday the 17th of September. We have been busy testing the free version to ensure that all websites update smoothly and this latest update includes a few minor improvements to help.

Thanks for all your support, stay tuned to our blog for news about the upcoming release and promotion!


  • Fix – Fixed unload prompt not working.
  • Dev – Reduced number of queries needed to populate the relationship field taxonomy filter.
  • Dev – Added ‘nav_menu_item_id’ and ‘nav_menu_item_depth’ to get_field_groups() query.
  • Dev – Reordered various actions and filters for more usefulness.
  • i18n – Updated Polish language thanks to Dariusz Zielonka