6 Aug

ACF PRO 5.7.2 Update

This version provides a variety of bug fixes and improvements

Available for both free and PRO

This update is also available for the free version of ACF via our Early Access feature! ACF 5 is compatible with all premium add-ons and will be officially released mid/late 2018. If possible, please enable Early Access on your websites and update to ACF 5 and let us know about your update experience!


  • Fix – Fixed bug preventing the Google Maps Field address from being customised.
  • Fix – Improved logic to request and cache plugin update information.
  • Fix – Fixed bug preventing JS initialization when editing widgets in accessibility mode.
  • Fix – Added missing $parent argument to term_exists() function when adding a new term via taxonomy field popup.
  • Fix – Fixed bug where nested Group Fields did not delete their values.
  • Fix – Fixed JS error thrown by localStorage if cookies are not enabled.
  • Dev – Bumped minimum WP version requirement to 4.4.
  • Dev – Added action ‘wp_nav_menu_item_custom_fields’ for compatibility with other plugins modifying the menu walker class.
  • Dev – Added ‘multiple’ to the allowed attributes for an email field.
  • Dev – Added new ACF_Ajax class for upcoming features.

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