11 Nov

ACF PRO v5.1.3 update

This update introduces 3 new field settings (width, class and id), adds a new layout style for sub fields, and fixes a few bugs too!

ACF PRO got width!

Long awaited and long overdue is the new ‘wrapper’ field setting. This setting will allow you to customize the class and id and width of each field! To go hand in hand with the wrapper setting is a new layout style for sub fields called ‘block’ which mimics the natural ACF field appearance.

Now you can create repeater rows or flexible content layouts using mixed width sub fields tabbed in groups and styled with custom CSS!


  • Repeater field: Added new ‘block’ layout style
  • Flexible Content field: Added new ‘block’ layout style
  • Core: Added new field setting ‘wrapper’ including width, class and id
  • Core: Minor JS speed improvement for sub field conditional logic
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements
  • Language: Updated Dutch translation – thanks to Patrick Heiloo