Used to modify the url parameters used to load the Google Maps JS API.

Primarily, this filter exists to set a Google API key, however, it may also be used to customize other_params used in the google.load function.


  • Added in version 5.3.10


apply_filters( 'acf/fields/google_map/api', $args );


(array) Array of url parameters.

  • libraries
    (string) A comma separated list of libraries to load. Defaults to “places”.

    'libraries' => 'places',
  • key
    (string) A Google Maps API key. Defaults to an empty string.

    'key' => '',
  • client
    (string) Optional. A Google API client ID. Defaults to an empty string.

    'client' => '',


This example demonstrates how to register a Google API key to be used when loading the Google Maps JS library.


add_filter('acf/fields/google_map/api', 'my_acf_google_map_api');
function my_acf_google_map_api( $args ) {
    $args['key'] = 'xxx';
    return $args;

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